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Installing Tomcat on Windows

Tomcat is an open source servlet and JSP container. It is very easy to install and use. Many Java developers around the world use it. It has got very strong community support and has evolved a lot.  This article gives stress on the installation process of tomcat. To install Tomcat follow the step given as under:

  1. Download the Tomcat from the URL: . There are two types of files available to download. One is to download the zip file and extract it. Second one is .exe windows installer file to install it in your PC. Second approach is much easier and it will install the service also to start and stop the tomcat server.
  2. If you have downloaded the .exe file just run it by double clicking it and it will install tomcat on your PC. In case you have downloaded the Core version of it then unzip the file to a folder. After unzipping it you will see the following directories inside parent tomcat directory.
  3. tomcat home directory

  4. Deploying a web-application: If you want to deploy any web application put it in the directory named webapp. The application should be a valid web application so that it can be deployed successfully.
  5. Starting /Stopping the Server: Go to the bin directory and double click the startup.bat file to start the server. You will see some logs in the console which opens up when you click the startup file. To shut it down click the shutdown.bat.

Tomcat bin Directory

Tomcat Startup screen

The Console window will show you the log messages when it starts and stops. If you don’t want to stop the server by clicking shutdown.exe you can press CTRL+C in the console window. It will stop the server by itself.

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