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IP Locator

Recently I started learning Flex and AIR and was amazed to know about their features and ease of programming. To start with I decided to develop a widget which can be independently used in any web page. After much effort I made it but it was sad to now that flex applications need a policy file at the data server to communicate. As the data was coming from some third party I was not possible to place the policy file there. To make use of the efforts I decided this application to port to AIR platform. Though it was an easy task but there were some problems in integrating Google Maps in it. Thanks to Google Map API for AIR because of that it was done easily.

Screenshot of the Application

This IP Locator which is developed using Flex Builder needs Adobe Integrated Runtime to run. You can enter the IP in the input box and Hit Go. It connects to the internet to fetch the details of the IP given. It fetches the details in XML format. After parsing the XML response the view is updated.
Google Maps are located using longitude and latitude fetched. You should also be aware that it is not a commercial application and so there is no guarantee of the accuracy of data because the information is coming from some third server which is not maintained by us.


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