Gotchas Of JSF

javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: ServletException in ‘/pages/secure/secureContact.jsp’: Array referenced by UISelectItems with binding ‘#{loggedInContactBean.subjectsOptions}’ and Component-Path : {Component-Path : [Class: org.ajax4jsf.component.AjaxViewRoot,ViewId: /secureContact.jsp][Class: org.apache.myfaces.custom.div.Div,Id: wrapper][Class: javax.faces.component.UINamingContainer,Id: body][Class: org.apache.myfaces.custom.div.Div,Id: _idJsp76][Class: org.apache.myfaces.custom.div.Div,Id: _idJsp88][Class: org.apache.myfaces.custom.div.Div,Id: _idJsp89][Class: org.apache.myfaces.custom.div.Div,Id: _idJsp90][Class: javax.faces.component.html.HtmlForm,Id: form1][Class: com.exadel.htmLib.components.UITable,Id: _idJsp93][Class: com.exadel.htmLib.components.UITbody,Id: _idJsp94][Class: com.exadel.htmLib.components.UITr,Id: _idJsp117][Class: com.exadel.htmLib.components.UITd,Id: _idJsp120][Class: javax.faces.component.html.HtmlSelectOneMenu,Id: _idJsp121][Class: javax.faces.component.UISelectItems,Id: _idJsp122]} does not contain Objects of type SelectItem

jsp code:

<h:selectOneMenu value=”#{loggedInContactBean.subject}”>

<f:selectItems value=”#{loggedInContactBean.subjectsOptions}” />


I was continuously getting this error… The reason was that my f:selectItems value Object(subjectsOptions)  was greater in size and it was holding less objects of select Items.

Making the size equal to the objects it holds removed this error. Strange but it behaves this way.


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