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Piggydb Review

Internet has given us many options to gain knowledge about anything which we like. This helps researchers, students, business people, management gurus and many others to gather information.  It’s a general practice that we keep on accumulating data but find it hard to organize it.

Piggydb is a free web notebook application which solves the intricacy of organizing knowledge. It structures the data in the form of fragments where each fragment is a piece of information. You can build a network of knowledge fragments based on their tags and relationship between them can be changed at any point of time. You can even embed an information fragment into another.

Let’s talk about the most important features that Piggydb incorporates.

–          Structural Knowledge:  Piggydb gives a new dimension in the field of consolidating and structuring knowledge. It’s not an input and search application but on the other hand it aims to structure the knowledge in a continuous fashion. The knowledge fragments are interrelated based on tags assigned to them and are very flexible to change. You can even create a hierarchy of tags which can be used when adding new fragments.

–          Can be used from one person to small group: It supports both individual and collaborative knowledge organizing. Adding a new user is as easy as adding a text fragment. The application can also be configured to allow unauthenticated users to view but not delete or edit knowledge fragments. Doing this only requires a minor change in a property file.

–          Text Search: It is possible to search for fragments by keywords. The fetched results are shown and matched keywords are highlighted. This is the feature which is used at a maximum level.

–          User Defined Filters: You can create new Filters and save them so that you don’t have to repeat the search again when needed. The names of the filters can also be changed. The filter work on tags. Building a filter is as easy as to put the tags in the category of Classified by all of or Not classified by any of.

Beside these standard features, Piggydb comes with “Export” option. Using this option you can export the complete database as a single file. It also comes with an inbuilt image viewer. Moreover you can use System Information option to get the information about number of fragments, relations, tags and filters.

Why is Piggydb famous?

Piggydb is famous because it is a wonderful application which has introduced a radical idea of structuring information.

Piggydb puts the user in first place to decide how his information is going to be structured unlike other internet structured knowledge applications like Wikipedia, twitter etc.

Piggydb is adept to handle large numbers of tags and large amounts of information. It also allows user to create his hierarchies of concepts.

Piggydb allows tags to inherit the functions of their parent tags, in addition to of their own functions.


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