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Why Server Side Programming?

Server side programming is done to run the application on server from where all possible clients can access it whereas client side programming is done to run the application on client computers. Using Server Side Programming it is possible to make dynamic websites. Today we see a number of web-applications which are made using server side programming. This includes Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Wikipedia etc. Though there are hundreds of advantages of server side programming over client side, we will discuss here the most important of them.

Security: Server Side Applications are far better secure as compared to Client side applications. For eg: if a user is sending some sensitive information then the data is encrypted during transmission and decrypted at server side. Moreover all the code is on the server which is not accessible to any user. But in client side applications a user can decompile the application code to see the logic and security measures to use them for his benefit.

Maintainability: As all the code is on single machine it is easier to update or make any changes to the application whereas in Client Side Applications we have to update all the applications on each client machine. This saves a lot of cost and effort.

Browser Compatibility: In client side applications you have to make a different version for each type of OS. There are some platforms in market which provides the OS independence but then they also need an Interpreter which is OS specific. As the Server Side applications runs on server and browser is used for the data interchange there are no efforts applied to make it compatible. Moreover Ajax is a better technology that uses both client-side and server-side scripting. It can call a database without even refreshing the page at browser. The request made is transparent to the user since a new call to the server is done in the running window.

The most common scripting languages used to create server side applications are ASP.NET, Java Servlets, JSP, PHP and Ruby on Rails. There are various factors on which the choice of language used to develop application depends. With the advent of Cloud Computing the server side applications have grown faster.

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